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Ready to bring your 501(c)(3) vision to reality? Our team of non-profit tax professionals, including attorneys and CPAs will help guide you to success

Just like any business entity or organization, it takes thoughtful planning and the proper resources to launch a non-profit with 501c3 status. There are a multitude of documents that need to be prepared and filed properly in order to achieve 501c3 tax exempt status. If you are a resident of Florida looking to start a non-profit organization, our licensed team of Tax Law and Accounting professionals are at your service for all your non-profit origination needs:

  • Obtain IRS EIN Number
  • Articles of Incorporation Preparation
  • Form 1023 Preparation
  • Florida Tax Exemption Preparation
  • Conflict of Interest Policies and Disclaimers
  • Foreign Entity Registration
  • DBA Registration
  • Financial Preparation and Budget Forecasting
  • Plus Any Other Filing and Preparation Requirement!
Andrew Linke

Andrew Linke - Non-Profit Tax Attorney

Having an experienced tax and legal team on your side to pursue 501c3 status could be the difference between launching your non-profit properly, or facing delays/denial. It's crucial that all necessary communication, paperwork, and filing is handled properly, as even the simplest error or oversight can impact the likelihood you are granted 501c3 status. Our team of licensed Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Accountants take the headaches and uncertainty out of the application process. We'd like to have a conversation with you today to get a better understanding of your non-profit vision, and how our all-inclusive, affordable solutions can launch your non-profit in the right direction!

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